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Opened in November 1999, Ler Argi Hotel is situated in Urnieta just 10 minutes from San Sebastián, in the Otzaran neighbourhood, a valley in the heart of the countryside overlooked by Mount Adarra. This area is ideal for excursions and visiting the cultural heritage of Urnieta, including the Seles, carved stones around the area which mark the cardinal points and are believed to have been used to find one’s bearing in the valley. They are located on paths and areas of the valley, from Hernani and Urnieta to Andoain and are of great anthropologic interest as their origin is still unknown.

Some other places that are really worth a visit are the area surrounding the Azkorte Chapel in Urnieta or the Santa Barbara Fort in Hernani, as well as the Chillida Leku Museum, all of which are just ten minutes from the Ler Argi Hotel.

On route to these excursions you will find a wide variety of sidrerías (cider houses) in the area from Hernani and Urnieta to Astigarraga.

Besides the countryside, Ler Argi Hotel is just 10 minutes from the beaches of San Sebastián and 15 minutes from small coastal fishing towns like Orio, Zarautz or Getaria with their great gastronomic wealth and excellent restaurants specialising in products of the sea. Towns such as Pasaia, Hondarribia or Hendaia are also of great interest and are easy to access from the Hotel at no more than 20 minutes’ distance.

The hotel has 6 double rooms, one quadruple room and one single room, and offers rooms with large balcony and views of the extensive garden and Mount Adarra.

Hotel Ler Argi. Vista del Adarra
Seles in UrnietaChillida Museum
Open every day of the year
Except the month of December
Barrio Otzaran, 15
20130 URNIETA (Gipuzkoa)
Tel. +34 625 705 233
Fax. +34 943 331 988
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